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oneFace is a Python library for automatically generating multiple interfaces(CLI, GUI, WebGUI) from a callable Python object.


  • Generate CLI, Qt GUI, Dash Web app from a python function.
  • Automatically check the type and range of input parameters and pretty print them.
  • Easy extension of parameter types and GUI widgets.


To install oneFace with complete dependency:

$ pip install "oneface[all]"

Or install with just qt or dash dependency:

$ pip install "oneface[qt]"  # qt
$ pip install "oneface[dash]"  # dash

Qt bindings

oneFace support different Qt bindings: PyQt6(default), PyQt5, PySide2, PySide6. It can be specified:

$ pip install "oneface[pyside2]"  # for example


oneFace is an easy way to create interfaces in Python, just decorate your function and mark the type and range of the arguments:

from oneface import one, Arg

def bmi(name: Arg(str),
        height: Arg(float, [100, 250]) = 160,
        weight: Arg(float, [0, 300]) = 50.0):
    BMI = weight / (height / 100) ** 2
    print(f"Hi {name}. Your BMI is: {BMI}")
    return BMI

# run cli
# or run qt_gui
# or run dash web app

These code will generate the following interfaces:

CLI Qt Dash
CLI Qt Dash